Why Choose New Life Midwifery?


All your care in one place

Antenatal visits, scan and blood test requests, prescriptions, work letters, birth and parenting preparation – you can even enjoy pregnancy yoga at our clinic! Our experienced Midwives have all undertaken extra studies to be able to provide private Midwifery services and comprehensive care.


Easy & FREE parking

No pregnant woman should have to tackle the steep hill of Chelmsford Avenue.


Minimal to NO wait times

We know your time is precious. We allocate your appointment with no overbooking so you wont have to wait… and if you do in unforeseen circumstances, there’s always a cup of tea on offer.


Know your Midwife

The evidence is clear! Continuity of Midwifery carer has endless benefits, including promoting optimal outcomes for mothers and babies. Read more here.


A Midwife on-call  24/7

For any concerns, emergencies, and labour and birth care.


Appropriate appointment length

Appointment times vary between 45, 60 and 90 minutes. This means your Midwife can address all of your questions or concerns, provide education, check your and baby’s wellbeing, and ensure individualised woman-centred care.


Family centred clinic

A comfortable, relaxed and welcoming environment… perfect for toddlers.


FREE Birth Preparation Group and New Parents Group 

For full continuity of care clients.


It may not be too late to join

Already in the second or third trimester? Call 3282 9614 for an ‘information visit’ to discuss how we can support you.


Medicare and health care fund rebates available.