Jo Carter

My journey to midwifery began in the UK, with the birth of my eldest son in 2003. As a young mother, I felt quite overwhelmed by the events of his birth and was keen to read as much as possible to better understand the experience. My second and third births were very different – homebirths supported by wonderful midwives who inspired me to think about midwifery as a career. In 2009, we moved to South Australia and once my children were school age, I began my midwifery training. During this time, I was exposed to continuity of midwifery care and knew this was the way I wanted to practice.

I qualified in 2014 and initially worked at a tertiary hospital in Adelaide. Still looking for opportunities to work in a continuity model of care, I came across an advert looking for a midwife to join a caseload team in opening a new birthing service in Ingham, North Queensland. Long story short, my family upped and left Adelaide to embark on this new adventure. My time in Ingham, working with a close knit group of incredible midwives, cemented my passion for continuity of midwifery work. In 2017, we moved again, this time to Ipswich. I commenced a new role at Ipswich hospital where I worked in the midwifery group practice, birth suite and maternity ward until May 2020.

Working in private practice at New Life Midwifery means that I am now, more than ever, able to provide the midwifery care that I believe every childbearing woman should receive. Care that is individualised, holistic and that promotes the long term health and wellbeing of mothers and babies. I enjoy working in partnership with women and assisting them to realise their amazing strength and capabilities.

I have almost completed my Masters in Primary Maternity Care, which has given me great interest in midwifery education, the development of new midwives and related research. I am always willing to share my practice space with students so that they can gain insight and experience of the value of continuity of midwifery care.