Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a vaginal birth if I previously had a caesarean birth?

The current evidence indicates that approximately 75% women who have had one previous caesarean birth can have a successful vaginal birth with their next baby. However whether or not any individual woman has a vaginal birth depends on many factors.  For example, other health issues and what were the reasons for the caesarean birth?…

We recommend that any woman considering a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) should investigate and discuss birth options with their chosen care provider. If you would like more information or to discuss your particular circumstances with one of our midwives, please call Judi (3282 9614) to make an appointment for an information visit at the clinic.

What will it cost me if I want to have my own midwife?

Private midwifery costs vary depending on the services you want to use. The midwives at New Life Midwifery have Medicare provider numbers, therefore if you have a Medicare card and are currently pregnant or have recently had a baby, you will be eligible to claim Medicare rebates for private midwifery services. Medicare does not cover the whole cost of private midwifery services, therefore there will be some out of pocket costs for most services. We are happy to provide the details of the various options available and costs for each during your initial no-obligation information visit at our clinic.

Click the above Medicare logo to visit the website.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to come to New Life Midwifery?

No referral is required to have an appointment with one of our midwives. Just call 3282 9614 and make your first appointment.

Do I need private health insurance to use private midwifery services?

No. Health funds have many different plans, and a few companies provide some cover for private midwifery services. If you already have a health fund, we recommend asking your health fund about what benefits you are entitled to.

What if I have some health issues or complications in pregnancy. Can I still have my own private midwife ?

Yes. It is your choice which health professionals are involved in your care. Your midwife has a defined area of expertise and scope of practice which includes normal pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. If you have additional health needs, your midwife will work collaboratively with other professionals to ensure that you are receiving the right level of support and advice for your individual needs.


If I choose continuity of care, who will be my midwife? Will my midwife provide all my pregnancy, birth and postnatal midwifery care?

At New Life Midwifery there are 4 midwives who each have a small caseload of women who are due to birth every calendar month (unless the midwife is planning to have scheduled annual leave). Usually you meet your midwife at your booking appointment. Your primary midwife will see you for the majority of your scheduled appointments in pregnancy, and is on call for emergencies too. During your pregnancy you will have opportunities to meet the other midwives in clinic as they will provide back up if your midwife is unavailable for any reason (for example if she is sick, on leave, or providing birth support).