Emma Smith


I am a mother of three strong willed, independent, glorious young women.

During my first pregnancy I became absolutely fascinated & blown away by the incredible changes that a woman’s body goes through to bring new life into the world. We women are truly amazing & we really are perfectly designed to birth! During labour I felt both incredibly strong & very vulnerable. The words spoken over me held so much power & really affected the way that I felt about myself.

From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a midwife & walk closely with women & their families during this transformative time in their lives. Every woman deserves to have a positive experience that leaves them feeling empowered. My goal as a midwife is to make sure that every women is treated as an individual with their own unique hopes, dreams, education needs, & desires for their family & their birth. My aim is to fill women with faith in their body’s ability to grow & birth their baby, and to arm their partners with practical tools to provide comfort and support in labour & birth.

I have worked in Midwifery Group Practice and as a rotational midwife in a hospital setting, however working as a private midwife at New Life Midwifery is by far the best fit for me. I am passionate about providing continuity of care and have found so much satisfaction in working with women the whole way through their pregnancy, births and early parenting journeys.

I have also previously worked as a Hypnobirthing practitioner & love to explore the mind-body connection & how we can use it to our advantage in labour & birth. In my spare time, I love to ride through the glorious Australian bush with my two horses, or do something creative just for fun.